Jiu Long Ke Qi Dan (Mu Ben Da Hong Pao)

Jiu Long Ke Qi Dan (Mu Ben Da Hong Pao)


Currently in the Chinese marketplace, the most highly sought after Wuyi Mountain teas come from the Jiu Long Ke growing area. Jiu Long Ke, which means 9 Dragons Den in English, is one of the most prized growing areas in the Wuyi Mountains. The Jiu Long Ke growing area is home to the original Da Hong Pao trees. "Qi Dan" is the Original name of the Da Hong Pao trees prior to the tale of the scholar traveling to Beijing for their exam. (see our youtube video) With unique soil and growing conditions, this tea has an incredibly sweet and refined complex character with the prized Wuyi Mountain "rock rhyme". Jiu Long Ke Qi Dan also known as Jiu Long Ke Mu Ben Da Hong Pao, boasts a flavor profile that yields sweet notes of or dried fruit, and soft hidden flowers with just the right amount of baking (which enhances its natural aromas and flavors). With a strong, deep resonating aftertaste, it’s silky and full in the mouth, pours at leat ten to fifteen times in a gaiwan and is a world class tea drinking experience. Currently, Jiu Long Ke Yan Cha is the pinnacle of the prized Zhengyan or middle mountain growing area teas.  We are proud to be the first to offer this exceptionally rare tea in the Western Markets! This tea is available in 8.0 gram bags.

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Gaiwan Method


Leaf Quantity / 120ml

6 to 8 grams

Water Temperature

80-90° C

Infusion Times (secs)

6 / 8 / 10 / 12 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 / 45 / 60

Teapot Method


Leaf Quantity / 250ml

2.5 to 3 grams

Water Temperature

80-90° C

Infusion Times (mins)

3-5 min