Our Story

 Welcome to Four Seasons Tea Co. Discover the journey of how we came to be. Please visit our photo album below!


Four Seasons tea is the long time vision of Jeff Kovac (霍天齐). Jeff’s passion for tea began while he was living and working in Sichuan, China. While abroad, Jeff devoted his free time to the practice and study of language, culture and tea. Jeff first began his study under Lu Xing Chen a tea arts master in Sichuan China, where he developed a personal relationship which still flourishes to this day.  Jeff's travels throughout China, India and Japan have expanded his knowledge and first-hand practice of many distinct and varied tea cultures. Jeff has worked in the Chinese and Canadian Tea industry for many years and is an instructor and lecturer for the Tea Association of Canada and a member of the Canada Cultural Relics Research Foundation. In September 2016, Jeff was honoured by the Canadian Chinese Community and the City of Markham as an ambassador to promoting Chinese Tea Culture at the Canadian International Culture and Art Festival.

At Four Seasons Tea Co, we are passionate about sharing our knowledge and experience with others and believe that a tea life and tea mind is about continuous learning. Our goal is simple, we aim to make available the highest quality tea that China and Taiwan have to offer. Our teas are rare and not easily available even within the Chinese and Taiwanese markets. Over the years of living in China and travelling throughout Asia, we have developed relationships with tea producers. Through study and years of tasting, we are now able to offer something special for those looking to sample some of the best teas that China and Taiwan have to offer. We travel to China yearly to taste, evaluate and collect our teas and to acquire the latest Teawares.

Four Seasons Tea Co. provides high end artisanal Chinese Tea and Teaware to enthusiasts of world-class tea.

Master Lu Xing Chen!

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The Imperial Tea Garden of Mt Meng.

The ancient tea tree of Mt Meng over 1000 years old!

The resting place of Wu Lizhen on Mt Meng. 

Xi ping Village, the birthplace of Tie Guan Yin.

One Man's passion! A donated teapot collection in Anxi!

The Tea Contest Hall in Anxi.

Antique Tea production equipment in Anxi!

Historically, ball rolling the leaves was done by foot!

Jingdezhen daily life!

The Wuyi Mountains.

Magical Wuyi tea!

The famous Da Hong Pao trees!

Baking tea in the Wuyi Mountains.

Beautiful Hangzhou! The home of Dragonwell tea!

Our Friends at Da Xing Wang Fu An, Fujian!

Enjoying Tea with friends!

Tasting Tea! 

Evaluating green tea!

Enjoying Yiwu Sheng Pu erh with Friends!

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