"Here in a sea of green, the essence of nature and the wisdom of human beings are fused into a culture of drinking and tasting" - W.Y. Our goal is simple, we make available some of the highest quality teas on the Chinese and Taiwanese markets. We are committed to providing our guests with a tea arts experience like no other...!! 

Winter Update!!  Dear Friends and Guests, we thank you for all of your support during COVID-19 and apologize that we have not been able to keep our usual full catalogue of teas.  Logistics have been tricky with China, but want everyone to know that we will be BACK fully stocked in the Spring of 2022 with our full tea catalogue, new teas and teawares!!  We also will have new videos on the way!!!!! We do have a small shipment of our green teas now back in stock, as most sold out for 2021!! Stay tuned for updates!!! Please Don't forget to visit our Youtube Channel for Videos about our Tea producers, and Teawares by clicking on the social media links below!!